Catalyst Power is an integrated provider of commercial energy, Connected Microgrid solutions, and Community Solar. Our supply options help your business save money, reduce environmental impact, and maintain power. Literally.

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What We Do


  • Your day-to-day business operations are powered by your choices. Your energy should be, too. Our commercial energy and gas solutions save our customers money while our first-of-its-kind network of Connected Microgrids gives business owners more control over their energy and protects against power outages.

  • Also new: our streamlined signup process. Catalyst Power uses cutting-edge, proprietary digital technology to determine the most cost-effective energy solution for your business. It’s affordable energy that actually meets your company’s unique needs and puts you in control.

  • How It Works


    Your energy supply should be dictated by your business needs, not by utility companies. Using a concept called distributed generation, Catalyst Power gives you the chance to use energy produced on your own property. We install solar panels or a generator at no cost to you. You buy the energy created by that technology at a lower price than the open market, thanks to a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with Catalyst Power.

    We also offer traditional electricity and gas services, including renewable energy. Ultimately, you tell us your specific preferences and situation, and we’ll determine the best product for you.

    Together, we will change the way you power your business.

Our Solutions


Catalyst Power helps your company create sustained success with forward-thinking energy products.

  • Connected Microgrid

    Choose either solar panels or a gas-fired generator to lower your energy bills and prevent outages.

  • Commercial Electricity & Gas

    Purchase the electricity you need with transparent, custom pricing that actually makes sense.

  • Community Solar

    Lower your energy costs and carbon footprint by connecting your business to a local solar farm.

How You Benefit

Local Generation and Global Impact

Catalyst Power prioritizes four core principles that address fundamental energy consumer concerns.

Positive Environmental Impact

The more electricity created from sustainable, emissions-reducing energy sources, the less we need dirtier sources — and that’s a big win for the planet.

Immediate Savings

We offer products that aim to save you and your business money on energy costs from the day you start your contract.

Budget Certainty

The terms of your agreement with Catalyst Power are locked in for the long term, giving your business fiscal clarity.

Outage Protection

Our Connected Microgrid and renewable energy solutions actively contribute to resiliency across the grid.

Areas We Serve

Powering The Northeast

Catalyst Power currently serves commercial energy customers in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Expansion into Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland is expected to be completed in mid-2022.

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