Save Money and the Planet With Community Solar

Catalyst Power helps you lower your monthly energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint by connecting your business to a solar farm in your area. Your bottom line is happy and so are the Polar Bears.

How It Works

Here Comes the Sun (and the Savings)

Here’s how it works: Catalyst Power will subscribe your business to a local solar farm. As soon as that farm begins creating solar energy and adding it to the larger grid, your business will begin receiving solar credits for your portion of their energy production. These credits will directly reduce your energy bill by approximately 10%. Every. Single. Month.

  • Our Method

    Energy Solutions that Don’t Cause Problems

    Catalyst Power provides innovative, sustainable energy solutions without any of the usual administrative headaches. Our Community Solar offerings do not interfere with any of your currently implemented supply options and are guaranteed to lower your monthly energy bill.

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