Save More with Battery Energy Storage

Catalyst Power offers a no-cost battery energy storage installation where we cover the upfront costs of the entire system while you reap the benefits! You get immediate cost savings and budget certainty for your bottom line.
Solar panels and energy storage amid a cityscape

Save Your Business Money on Energy Costs

Charge Your Battery, Power Your Business

Our battery storage system will be charged during low-demand periods and discharged during high-demand periods, saving your business money on energy costs. For even greater value, the battery can be paired with an on-site solar array—also owned and operated by Catalyst Power—or installed as a stand-alone service. Since your monthly utility bill is likely dictated by your highest level of demand, lowering the peak of your daily operations is financially beneficial! 

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    Get More with Catalyst Power

    Our battery energy storage solutions create fewer carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for you and your community. You’ll save more money while you save the environment!  


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