About Catalyst Power

As an independent, integrated provider of commercial electricity and net zero gas (ESCO) as well as distributed solar energy solutions, Catalyst Power helps your business get the most from your power supply.
Solar panels and battery storage

What We Do

  • Catalyst Power is an independent energy solutions provider (ESCO) specializing in integrating retail energy and distributed energy resources. We use cost-effective, novel energy supply solutions tailored to your business. We cater to underserved middle-market commercial and industrial businesses looking for a more sustainable and cost-efficient way to power their businesses. Using solar, battery energy storage, EV charging, commercial retail electricity, and other state-of-the-art innovations, we empower businesses to grow their positive environmental impact while improving overall efficiency, and we do the same for our power grid. It’s a sweet deal.

  • Catalyst Power meets its customers where they are, ready to work, and catalyze real change in their energy consumption and bottom line. Customers can lease their rooftop or available ground space to us for monthly payments, participate in community solar projects, host their own onsite solar generation, utilize battery energy storage, install EV charging stations or explore several customized retail energy supply options. Our process is simple: we use cutting-edge technology to evaluate your usage in real-time; we analyze your needs and priorities; and we work with you to determine the right product and plan for your business. We’re real people helping your business resolve real problems.

Our Team

  • Gabe Phillips – Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Gabe began his career trading electricity and gas at Sempra Energy Trading. He went on to found and ultimately sell GP Energy Management, a comprehensive outsourced trading, risk, and energy management platform for the electricity, gas, and renewables markets. Today, Gabe uses his unique perspective on the gaps in the energy industry to position Catalyst Power as a brand new type of power company focused on bringing premium renewable solutions to America’s middle C&I market at no up-front cost.

  • Dara Phillips – Chief Financial Officer

    Dara spent 4 years in audit at PwC and then five years managing all financial aspects of GP Energy Management as VP of Finance, including various subsidiaries, project companies, and a team providing outsourced financial management services to retail energy providers. In addition to her time at PWC and GP Energy Management, she also worked for 2 years in private equity fund accounting. She has managed the end-to-end finance needs for solar projects, cogeneration projects, proprietary power, gas and renewable energy credit trading, and merchant finance operations, presiding over two successful exits. At Catalyst Power, Dara is responsible for all financial management, financial planning and analysis, cash management, reporting, and day-to-day HR administration. Furthermore, she plays a key role in underwriting acquisitions, project finance, and accounting for the distributed generation portfolio that provides Catalyst Power the platform needed for significant growth in combining multiple capital-intensive businesses.

  • Joel Glassman – Chief Operating Officer

    Joel has 20 years of experience in the retail energy industry, working for 6 retail energy companies in various functions, covering pricing, marketing strategy, FP&A, Power Operations and Corporate Development. Most recently, for the past 8 years Joel was the COO of Discount Power, Inc. where he managed all the day-to-day operations. While at Discount Power Joel led the expansion into 15 new markets, initiated and closed capital raises, and launched new sales channels. Joel earned an MBA from Rice University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. Today, as Catalyst Power’s COO, Joel is responsible for the operations of the retail energy business along with integrating the distributed generation business into the retail operations.

  • Leah Ivanhoe – VP Business Intelligence

    Leah has 10 years of energy sector experience, including 6 years at Crius Energy during which she served as an integration liaison, after its acquisition by Vistra Energy. In addition, she held many different roles across the Crius organization including responsibility for pricing, gross margin forecasting, financial reporting, renewable portfolio obligations, and company-wide business intelligence. Leah earned an M.B.A. with a concentration in finance from the University of Connecticut and a B.S. in mathematics from Adelphi University. Today, as Catalyst Power’s VP of Business Intelligence, Leah is responsible for retail energy company valuation, wholesale and retail energy intelligence and analytics, pricing model development, and management. She works in close coordination with the technology and finance teams and any areas of Catalyst Power where data is used to make decisions.

  • Bill Kinneary – Executive Vice President of Project Development

    Bill has held positions of CEO, President, and Senior Vice President in five retail energy companies over the last twenty-two years. This is preceded by many years at a major New York City natural gas utility where he served as the General Manager of rates and regulation, customer service, and gas supply, as well as the Manager of computer programming, fleet services, and emergency gas leak response. Bill has a significant level of technical expertise in all retail energy company business processes. He is well known in the industry due to his multiple chairmanships of the National Energy Marketers Association Executive Committee and his continuing service on the Energy Marketing Conferences Advisory Board.

  • Andrew J Abernathy – VP Sales & Marketing

    Andrew has over 13 years of digital marketing and sales experience in both agency and corporate environments big and small. After 8 years in manufacturing, most recently with Volvo Group North America, Catalyst Power presented a fascinating challenge in a brand new industry. Andrew provides both strategic direction and tactical implementation to bring about business goals and fundamentally change the way organizations conceive of and implement marketing. With a specialization in sales and marketing integration, process alignment, and education, Andrew has managed software implementations, national revenue generation campaigns, expansive product portfolios, and spearheaded several change management initiatives.

  • Cristian Miceli – VP Portfolio Analytics

    Cristian has 19 years of energy industry experience, including accounting, asset optimization, scheduling, and trading for retail marketers, wholesalers, and asset managers. Before joining Catalyst, Cristian was with SouthStar Energy Services for 13 years. During this time, his responsibilities included overseeing scheduling & optimization to retail natural gas markets, and financial reporting, forecasting, and analysis for operations and financial hedging. As VP of Portfolio Analytics, Cristian is responsible for natural gas pricing models, retail market and customer analytics, risk management, and supply.

  • Neil Hayden – VP of Operations

    Neil has 17 years of energy industry experience working for U.S. Energy Partners LLC primarily in operations, but also highly involved in its margin/financial reporting, sales support, forecasting, scheduling, rate design, and new product development. Neil earned his B.S. and M.B.A. from Syracuse University in Marketing and Innovation Management.

  • Tim Ricablanca – VP Technology

    Tim is a seasoned software engineer with more than 15 years in hands-on and leadership roles across application development, infrastructure, and data. He was most recently a Director of Engineering at Rent The Runway, where he was responsible for building and scaling data and analytics platforms. He has also spent time as an adjunct professor at his alma mater, New Jersey Institute of Technology, teaching undergraduate courses on computer networking. At Catalyst Power, Tim is responsible for software and technology solutions to streamline buying commercial energy and distributed generation online, pricing automation, risk management, and asset operations.

  • Linda Beckinghausen – AVP of Operations

    Linda began in the energy sector in 2003 with U.S. Energy Partners as an Administrative Assistant. In 2010 she moved to American Power Partners as Director of Operations serving Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Both electric supply in PA and WV and demand response in New York State were the focus of her tenure at APP. In 2012 Linda returned to U.S. Energy Partners as Director of Operations, focusing on electric supply again in NYS. Now, as Associate VP of Operations, Linda is responsible for billing, customer service, day to day financial management, assisting in managing sales team, and daily operations of solar projects.

  • Anushila Rakshit - AVP Portfolio Analytics

    Anushila has 15 years of experience, including nine years in the retail energy industry. After her MBA from the University of Houston, she started as a gas scheduler and gas market analyst at Just Energy. She has since held different roles, including optimization, forecasting, and P&L analysis. Anushila most recently was a Senior Portfolio Manager leading gas portfolio management at Wood Mackenzie, managing several retail energy marketers’ gas books. She led the optimization, supply, and scheduling of natural gas markets. She was responsible for physical and financial hedging, new market research, risk management, forecasting, exposure, and position and financial reporting. Anushila also managed a renewable energy portfolio at Ambit Energy, strategizing and hedging RECs and RGGIs for the renewable portfolio standard program. Anushila now serves as  AVP of Portfolio Analytics at Catalyst Power and is responsible for the portfolio and risk management of Catalyst Power’s client business.   

  • Shannon Welch – Senior Operations Analyst

    Shannon has 10 years of experience in the retail energy industry working for Discount Power, Inc. as the Operations Manager. While at Discount Power Shannon managed the customer service department and worked closely with the COO to ensure the day-to-day operations were being met. She was the primary liaison with the company’s EDI provider ensuring new markets were set up in a timely manner, billing and enrollments were fulfilled, utility rate management as well as customer and broker support. Shannon earned her B.S. from The University of New Haven in Marketing and E-Commerce.

  • Gitel Wise - Director of Marketing

    Gitel has more than 8 years of experience in marketing, working with both startups and agencies. She is focused on driving lead generation and revenue through digital channels by using a combination of paid, earned, and organic efforts. Her academic background in statistics helps her make data-driven decisions, which is critical in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies. At Catalyst Power, Gitel leads the inbound marketing strategy with a focus on a multi-channel digital approach to offer customers cost savings and sustainable solutions for their businesses.

  • Loren Stacey – Director of Channel Partnerships

    Loren has enjoyed more than 14 years in the energy industry, working for both suppliers and consultants to grow and develop their channel partnerships. Throughout her career, Loren has excelled at managing new and existing programs, attracting and onboarding additional partnerships, and providing training and support to accelerate sales growth for key products and markets. She is a liaison between the supplier and the channel partners to find mutually beneficial opportunities.

  • Joseph Isaacs - Senior Account Manager

    Joseph has 30 years of energy experience including oil, natural gas, and retail electricity. He founded two companies, bringing in over 60mm in historical revenue, and helped build out sales organizations of over 100 salespeople spanning 15 states. He has helped manage the energy needs of clients in all industries such as health care, retail, manufacturing, technology, and many others. Through creative product offerings and general sales expertise, Joseph brings hundreds of relationships cultivated over decades to Catalyst Power’s suite of energy offerings.

  • William Knauber - Senior Account Manager

    William has over 10 years of experience in the energy industry, working in corporate and privately held environments. He started as an outside sales representative traveling and meeting with C&I, Military and Federal locations across all sectors in NYISO, PJM, SCE, PGE, SDGE, OPA and COMED. His energy background includes demand response, retail electric & gas, community solar, and distributed generation. William holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Worcester State University. Today, as Catalyst Power’s Senior Account Manager, William is responsible for providing customers insight on the suite of energy solutions that Catalyst has to offer to lower their carbon footprint and energy costs.

  • Brian Dufresne - Senior Account Manager

    Brian Dufresne is a veteran of both the energy industry (17 years) and the military (US Navy). He has experience both on the broker and supplier side of retail energy and community solar. Brian began his career as a channel manager, then later helped launch and manage a startup sustainability company with a heavy focus on community solar. Brian specializes in go-to-market strategies for procurement clients, facilitating business through broker relationships, and helping customers achieve broader company goals through evaluating their energy strategy.

  • Charlie Palminteri - Senior Operations Analyst

    Charlie Palminteri is a seasoned professional who has navigated both the retail energy industry’s supplier and broker facets. With over seven years of dedicated service in the energy industry, Charlie has previously held the position of Director of Operations at Astral Energy LLC and oversaw all broker-related operations at ONIX Energy LLC. At Catalyst, Charlie is well-positioned to capitalize on his extensive background, driving market entry strategies and enhancing day-to-day operations. He is committed to injecting efficiency where needed, ensuring that Catalyst maintains a leading position in the ever-evolving energy sector. 

  • Amie Touchstone - Manager, Channel Sales

    Throughout Amie’s 20-year career in the energy industry, she has worked for five retail energy companies in sales and supporting roles. Amie has experience in every deregulated market with expertise in onboarding and developing sales channels. She has a passion for problem-solving and loves helping sales channels structure solutions, including managing their customers’ energy costs as they transition to renewable sustainable solutions.

  • Joe Kepler – Sales Development Representative

    Joe attended college at SUNY Fredonia and graduated with a double Bachelor’s in Sociology and Social Sciences in 2014. He worked hands-on in the public domain in customer service for over 8 years before moving into the energy sector at NRG Energy Inc. At NRG, he spent two years prospecting and qualifying companies of all kinds, from hospitals to factories, for Distributed Energy Resources, as well as solving for energy management problems. Now at Catalyst Power, Joe’s responsibilities include lead generation, prospecting, customer outreach, sales development, and data management.

  • Christopher Brown – Sales Development Representative

    Christopher has 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, making him a seasoned professional in sustainable technologies and value-driven solutions. He has developed a robust expertise in natural and renewable resource trading, vendor partnerships, expanding distribution pipelines, new market implementation, and expansion strategies. From sustainable agriculture to renewable fuel and gas distribution, Christopher brings more than just his extensive industry experience to Catalyst Power, but also his passion for problem-solving and building meaningful client relationships to the team.  

  • Quazi Alam – Sales Development Representative

    Quazi has over 10 years of experience in procurement for natural gas and electricity. Quazi enjoys working in sales and cultivating an environment where team building can thrive. His hobbies include softball and basketball, and he enjoys playing catch with his kids. Quazi also loves to travel and spend time with his family and friends and visits his family in India regularly. He is an animal lover, with a passion for birds, and owns a Cockatiel and a Love Bird. 

  • Collin Meyers - Staff Software Engineer

    Collin has 8 years of experience writing software for a number of startups in the New York City area.  Prior to that, he served in the US Marines. He studied International Affairs at George Washington University and Computer Science at Queens College, CUNY. As a developer, Collin has implemented most levels of the data analytics stack, from provisioning the data infrastructure on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform with Terraform to writing pipelines, including transforming data with DBT and SQL into models that drive insight in data warehouses and exporting those models to BI solutions. At Catalyst Power, Collin is responsible for building and maintaining the technology platform and creating tools to empower data-driven solutions.

  • Adrian Heredia - Business Intelligence Manager

    Adrian has worked for companies like NRG Energy and Sysco where he has held many roles including marketing operations, digital marketing, data analytics, fraud prevention analytics, and business intelligence. Through these roles, he became acclimated with the customer life cycle journey, understanding and navigating the complexities that come about from customer segments. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2014 and a Master of Science in Analytics in 2018. As a Manager of Business Intelligence at Catalyst Power, Adrian is responsible for wholesale and retail energy intelligence, analytics, and reporting as well as day-to-day operations of data inflow to keep reporting up to date.

  • Steven Cooper - Finance Manager

    Steve brings ten years of finance and accounting experience to Catalyst Power. He has worked in the retail energy market, financial services, and the healthcare industry. Additionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant. Steve is excited to return to solar and renewables, having begun his career as a Staff Accountant at North American Power. Most recently working in the healthcare industry as Accounting Manager at Mobile Health in New York City. At Catalyst Power he is responsible for overseeing the company’s accounting, financial analysis, monthly financial reporting, and day-to-day operations.

  • Dan Downs - Staff Software Engineer

    Since an early age Dan wanted to know how computers ticked, he used to copy BASIC source code from issues of Compute! for simple games onto an IBM PC. That love for computing has continued, he has worked professionally since 1996 amassing a wide range of experience across various OSs, languages, hardware, and technologies. Most recently Dan was a Senior Staff Engineer for backend services and DBA for Rent The Runway. Is something not working correctly? Need more performance? Dan will figure it out. At Catalyst Power, he is responsible for building and maintaining the technology platform with a focus on security, reliability, and scalability.

  • Tulio Garcia - Operations Analyst

    Tuilo has over 17 years of operational experience, including 12 years in the energy industry, and 5 years in banking operations. He has varied expertise across data control and analytics, reporting, risk management, and enrollments. Tulio earned a B.B.A. with a concentration in Finance at Hofstra University and an A.A.S. in Engineering Science at SUNY Farmingdale.   

  • Emiley Mallory - Web Content Writer

    Emiley Mallory is a writer and has over 10 years of experience as a communications professional. Since graduating in 2013 with her master’s degree in Communication, Emiley has worked in entertainment (Black Entertainment Television), public policy (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities), public relations (The Hannon Group), event planning, and most recently, retail energy. She has written and edited for online publications as both a freelance writer and contractor, covering an array of topics, including renewable energy and energy efficiency. Previously, she served as a management analyst crafting effective messaging for a range of technical and non-technical audiences. At Catalyst Power, she serves as an editor and communications support, with an emphasis on content marketing.

  • Eve Agler - Sales Administration Specialist

    Eve Agler attended college at the University at Buffalo and graduated in 2020 with Bachelor’s degree, Cum Laude, in Health & Human Services. After graduation, she has done various administrative work, began interning at Catalyst Power, and now works full-time as a Sales Administration Specialist in the Sales & Marketing Department. As Catalyst grows, she is developing new marketing outreach to find potential customers, with some of her responsibilities including prospecting, sales development, and data management.

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