Earn More With A Rooftop Lease

Catalyst Power helps your business earn extra income by installing custom sized solar panels on your property, at no cost to you.
Solar panels and energy storage amid a cityscape

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Welcome to Rooftop Leasing

By leasing your business’s unused roof space you will get a monthly payment from Catalyst Power. We install a custom sized solar array on your roof at no cost to you. Once the solar array is installed we start paying you for the energy it produces. You won’t need to worry about a thing. Catalyst Power takes care of all the set up, maintenance, and repairs. All you have to do is sit back and collect your monthly payment.

  • Our Method

    Earn More with Catalyst Power

    We provide innovative energy solutions to companies looking for more sustainable and forward-thinking ways to advance their energy strategy and generate extra income. Our sign-up process is straightforward and designed with our customers in mind.

  • How It Works

    A Simple, Safe, and Secure Process

    To help you enjoy the benefits of a rooftop lease, we have created a streamlined qualifying process:

    1. Share your contact information
    2. Show us where your property is located
    3. Let one of our energy experts analyze your space
    4. Sign the rooftop lease agreement (20-25 years)

    That’s it! Once you sign the Rooftop Lease Agreement, we’ll get started building those solar panels at no cost to you. Then, you can sit back and collect a monthly payment from Catalyst Power!


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