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Learn how Catalyst Power can help your business enjoy reliable electricity and power while improving the environment and saving you money.
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Company Information

Who is Catalyst Power?

Catalyst Power is an independent energy solutions provider based in New York specializing in integrated retail energy and distributed energy. We market novel energy supply options and connected microgrid solutions to underserved middle-market commercial and industrial end-use customers. Using solar, natural gas generation, and other innovations, we empower businesses to grow their positive environmental impact while improving overall efficiency. And we do the same for the overall energy grid. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

How Does Catalyst Power Work?

Catalyst Power works however our customers need us to work. We offer cost-effective energy solutions tailored to your business, including solar panels, gas generators, and retail options. We use cutting-edge technology to evaluate your usage in real-time; we analyze your situation and needs; we determine the right product and plan. Then we get to work.

Based on your business’ requirements, we offer traditional retail electricity and gas, distributed generation options, and community solar solutions.

And it’s all online. Told you we worked like you do.

How Can Catalyst Power Help Me Save?

Three ways. Money. Time. Planet. Whether you use solar panels, gas generators, or retail power and gas, you will save money with Catalyst Power. And it’s not just talk. Entering into a power supply contract with Catalyst Power will save you money by undercutting utility costs. You’re saving time with our seamless online signup process (did we mention you can just Add to Cart). And you’re saving the planet with innovative energy solutions that are as reliable as they are sustainable.

Why Did Catalyst Power Purchase U.S. Energy Partners?

First and foremost, USEP’s goals align with our four core pillars: positive environmental impact, immediate savings, long-term budget certainty, and outage protection. USEP’s offerings include renewable energy, fixed-rate and indexed plans, and community solar from various solar projects in New York.

We view the integration with USEP as a crucial step toward our continual development of distributed solar, natural gas engines, and other energy supply options for middle-market commercial and industrial customers.

Our Energy Solutions

How Does On-Site Solar Power Work with Catalyst Power?

If you select a solar solution (say that five times fast), we will install a solar array on the property of your business at no cost to you. Then we’ll sell that energy to you at a lower cost to both you and the environment. So you’re saving money and the planet at the same time. Learn more here.

How Does the Gas Generator Work with Catalyst Power?

If your business requires a generator solution, we will install the correct size of gas-fired generator on your property at no cost to you. Then we’ll sell that energy to you at a lower cost. Learn more here.

How Does Traditional Power and Gas Work with Catalyst Power?

If a retail solution is the best option for your business, we will custom price a contract for your energy needs online. Learn more here.

How Does Community Solar Work with Catalyst Power?

You can save on your electric bill and help the environment by supporting renewable energy generation in your area. The solar farm creates solar electricity and adds it to the electricity grid. Supporting that generation will earn you solar energy credits on your monthly bill, which guarantees you a discount on your energy costs. Learn more here.

Retail Choice

How Does my Relationship with my Utility Company Change with Catalyst Power.

Nothing changes! They will remain responsible for the lines, poles, and meters in your area.

How Does Billing Work with Catalyst Power?

If you sign up for solar panels or a gas-fired generator, you will still receive an energy supply bill each billing cycle. That bill will credit you for the energy produced on your property. You’ll also receive a separate PPA bill for that produced energy.

If you sign up with Catalyst Power via a retail Power Purchase Agreement, then you will simply see one energy supply bill each billing cycle.

If you sign up with Catalyst Power via Community Solar, you will see one energy supply bill each billing cycle, and that bill will reflect the solar credits.

What is a Connected Microgrid?

Using a concept called distributed generation, we install solar panels or a gas-fired generator on your premises at no cost to you. Then, you buy that energy at a price that undercuts your utility cost. Excess energy generated at your facility is distributed to the Grid and shortfalls are supplied from the Grid. You stay connected.

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