Electrify Your Business

Catalyst Power will provide your business with EV chargers that fit your financial, logistical, and load requirements.
Solar panels and energy storage amid a cityscape

EV Chargers for Commercial & Industrial

Catalyst Power offers EV chargers for commercial and industrial customers interested in providing modern perks for employees or upgrading company fleets. Everyone knows that EV chargers provide both financial and environmental benefits, but they also represent a great PR opportunity!

  • Catalyst Power EV Charging

    How to Participate

    Catalyst Power can provide EV chargers packaged as part of a Connected Microgrid®, commercial battery installation, solar lease, or as a stand-alone product. There are a number of potential ownership models, so we’ll find the one that works best for you.

  • How It Works

    What You Need To Know

    What does Catalyst Power need to provide a quote?

    • An indication of how many vehicles you need to charge and when they will charge
    • A recent copy of your electrical bill
    • Electrical schematics / drawings of the building
    • Pictures of the electrical panel that will be used
    • Pictures of route to installation area
    • Pictures of installation area


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