Earn More With Demand Response

The Catalyst Power Demand Response program gives local businesses an opportunity to offset rising energy costs and earn more money by participating in simple and planned energy saving curtailment.
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Demand Response Programs

By participating in the Catalyst Power Demand Response program, you can earn your business additional revenue by lowering your energy consumption during planned, peak hours. 24 hours notice is always provided to allow for necessary adjustments on your part. If you’re tired of high utility bills and need a break to alleviate the pressure of growing energy costs, your business may qualify for our Demand Response program.

  • Catalyst Power Demand Response

    How to Participate

    To participate in a Demand Response program, you will need an hourly interval meter on your property. If necessary, Catalyst Power may install one for you. Currently, this product is offered to customers who have on-site generation for the time being. You will need to complete the curtailment testing before being enrolled in the program. 

  • How It Works

    What You Need To Know

    What happens if I can’t curtail my electricity use? 

    Participants in our Demand Response program receive a performance percentage for their level of participation in the program. This percentage is applied to all future payments and determines the overall performance of our Demand Response program. All participants must perform during the curtailment event/test. 

    Is it as simple as turning off my lights? 

    Participants will be responsible for turning on their generators and ensuring systems are functioning properly. Catalyst Power will work with you at the onset to measure your usage during the curtailment test.  


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