Catalyst Power delivers custom-priced commercial energy products so you have greater control over how you power your company.
Distributed energy generation

Energy Choice is Yours

Catalyst Power Puts You in Charge

Catalyst Power upends the traditional energy arrangement by analyzing your specific situation and delivering the right energy supply solution for your company. We go beyond merely buying energy on wholesale markets. Instead, we work to offer energy supply solutions that actually meet your needs—how? We ask you!

  • Our Method

    Improving the Energy Experience for Your Business

    Catalyst Power has simplified the process of signing up for energy supply by putting it entirely online. With just your account number and your permission, our technology will analyze your meter readings to understand how your consumption patterns impact your costs. We can even help your business upgrade to a more accurate hourly meter to ensure that you’re getting the service you deserve.

    If your company does not have any available data – or you don’t supply your account number – you can simply provide an estimate of your energy usage. Please be advised that estimated energy usage results in an estimated quote that could change when more accurate information is made available.

  • How It Works

    A Simple, Safe, and Secure Process

    Switching to Catalyst Power is simple and direct.

    1. Provide us access to your account information
    2. Select your preferred energy supply product
    3. Sign up

    That’s it! By the end of the next full billing cycle, your energy supply will switch to Catalyst Power.



    Catalyst Power has developed a suite of value-added energy services. If a commercial energy plan isn’t the right fit for your needs, we also offer:

    You deserve an energy supply service that makes sense for your everyday operations and your bottom line.


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